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EvalYear. com – A Visual Celebration of EvalYear 2015

Evaluation_Tourch1«Evaluation has become this difference-making discipline, known and practiced world wide. And we want to celebrate it!

Echoing the declaration of the International Year of Evaluation declared by EvalPartners, we want to contribute to make evaluation better known and used.  To do that, we are putting to work our left side of our brains with all our knowledge on theory and practice on Evaluation, and our right sides too, using creativity to explore the many aspects of the evaluation field with different eyes.

Outputs will be posted monthly in EvalYear.com, and will be widely disseminated to the benefit of the evaluation community as well as evaluation users.

Joseph and Sara have planned and are developing 12 outputs joining their favorite topics: evaluation, creativity, social impact, innovation and data visualization. You will find a new creation each month of 2015, declared by EvalPartners as the “International year of Evaluation”, or EvalYear.

These outputs will somehow cover some of these objectives:

  • Make evaluation theory better known to citizens all over the world
  • Make evaluation theory more available to evaluators.
  • Improve the evaluation practice of practitioners.
  • Provide with new tools and ideas.
  • Foster well-informed discussions around evaluation.

They will be featuring things such as a Metro map of the evaluation, a self-assessment test for evaluators to discover their predominant paradigm, an infographic depicting how bad (and good) evaluation looks like, decision trees for evaluation designs, and many more amazing proposals to inspire you and to help us learn more about evaluation.» (Information from EvalYear web)

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